Taking CBD oil is the most natural way of consuming this health supplement and the good news is, the effects of CBD are experienced faster than any other method. Taking CBD oil sublingually allows fast absorption into the bloodstream so you can start by placing a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, and hold it there for around 60-90 seconds before swallowing.


Our Vegan Oral Peppermint CBD Oil is made from pure hemp-derived CBD, peppermint extract, and infused with organic MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) coconut oil to achieve a unique, refreshing minty taste. Begin your CBD journey by taking a few sublingual drops every night before going to bed or add a few drops to your morning smoothie or hot beverage. The ‘perfect dose’ of CBD varies for every individual based on their genetic and lifestyle factors so it’s important to gradually build up a personalized dose that works well for you. 


Our CBD Isolate Powder contains 99+% pure CBD which is both tasteless and odorless, making it ideal for adding to your favourite foods and drinks. At Hustle of Health, we particularly love cooking and baking with CBD Isolate so keep an eye on our Blog for some yummy Vegan Recipes!


But if you are a first time user, you can start by infusing ¼ of 1 g 99+% CBD Isolate Powder with around 50 ml of your preferred plant oil (we recommend olive oil!) which gives you a batch of oil with roughly 250 mg of CBD in it. Just bring a pot of hot water to boil, place a Pyrex beaker containing your plant oil in the pot, and add your 99+% CBD Isolate Powder letting it simmer for 5-10 minutes. Now you can cook or bake anything you like!


Topical CBD has revolutionised the skincare industry and here at Hustle of Health, we’ve got one of the best CBD ointments on the market. CBD balms are typically used for a variety of different conditions owning to their reputation in managing pain and reducing inflammation. However, their effectiveness depends on the source of CBD, its quality, and the dosage.


Our CBD Nourishing Balm is formulated using active organic plant ingredients that easily penetrate the skin and leave it feeling reformed and well-conditioned. Whether you are looking for a natural remedy for joint or muscle ache, or want to soothe a burn, cut or dry patch, we believe our balm is a must have of every medicines cabinet! For best results, apply a moderate amount to the target area (make sure skin is clean and dry) and massage into the skin for around 30-60 seconds.